Have you ever thought of a time when you saw someone that was such a sweet spirit, giving of themselves for others, and thought to yourself “She/he doesn’t look too good”. ¬†I know I NEVER have! ¬†It’s because when you are thankful, giving and caring, it shows from the inside out. ¬†These people glow with the best attributes of beauty we can ever imagine. ¬†Selflessness, care and compassion. ¬†So as we come to another Thanksgiving, however you celebrate, be sure to be thankful for who you are and where you are. ¬†Because it may not be where you desire to be, but it is a better position than many are in at this time. ¬†And be sure to wake up every day with a heart of thanksgiving, and think how you can bring beauty into someone else’s world. ¬†Have an awesome thanksgiving!