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Not every girl is an avid fan of makeup. Some don’t even use them at all in their everyday lives. But let’s all admit that there will always that one occasion where makeup is really needed. So to be prepared, there must always be a makeup kit at the ready whenever that occasion comes.

For those who haven’t had any clue on to what to put on their makeup kit, don’t be afraid. Although there are thousands of makeup products, brands and tools available out there, there are the basics that will help you on your makeup journey.

The must-have items are collected and presented below for your reference:

  1. Moisturizer and primer

Skin care is the best way to have a great makeup. Use both a primer and moisturizer to get your skin ready. The tandem will guarantee a flawless base thaw will keep the makeup in place all day.

  1. Foundation and Concealer

Having an opaque concealer on a kit can help reduce the risk of caked-on foundation. Look for a good concealer that camouflages imperfections and allows less use of foundation. A good foundation is also the one where no one will notice that you have makeup on.

  1. Spoolie brush and eyebrow pomade

Look for a great tool that will properly brush and sculpt you brows to perfect arches. Good pomade is also the one that is easy to apply as well as smudge proof.

  1. Mascara and Eyeliner

Eyeliner and mascara gives a makeup look without having to put much makeup. These are enough to heighten up your everyday look.

  1. Red and nude lipstick

These two hues of lipstick are both versatile and flattering that will help you transition from office look to a dance floor look.

  1. Tools and brushes

Using the right tools is a must in order to properly apply makeup. They should effortlessly blend foundations, concealers and blush as well as apply precise eye makeup and proper dusting of powders.

  1. Highlighter and blush

A classic highlighter and blush can add a subtle glow and healthy color to the skin.

  1. Eyeshadow palette

A good palette for beginners is those that have nude colors plus extra bright colors for you to play around.

  1. Makeup wipes and Q tips

Dab a Q-tip into lotion to instantly erase makeup errors. Use makeup wipes if you’re too lazy or tired to wash your face.