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It is amazing how over the past six years that I have been a part of the beauty industry, how I have come to know the difference between beauty and vanity. I have worked with over 500 women over the past six years, some of which are still regular clients. Many tell me how much their eyelash extensions are as much a part of their daily necessities as food and air is. Now, that may be a bit extreme, but of course they are just stating how important their lashes are to them. It is such a huge time saver in the mornings in preparation for the day’s activities. Also they love how the lashes refreshes them and makes them feel revived. Many have even stated how when they did not have lashes for a period of time, people that knew them would ask if they were feeling ill.

0_0_0_0_250_331_library_4368At Carolina Eye Candy, we strive to make our clients feel and look their best with the services we provide, whether it is a full service brow shaping service, eyelash services, spray tans, makeup applications or a skincare service, we do with the intent on delivering beauty services that enhance the natural, and it is not about vanity. Although we must admit, when these services are initially done, it is a little hard to step away from the mirror : ) So in conclusion, it is not vanity as much as it is about bringing completion to their desire for a complete look and making them feel better.

Be Well, Be Beautiful, Be You!