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The advancement of science and technology surely does great and important things. Not only are they beneficial to many sectors of the community such as in industrial, agriculture, livelihood and such, they are also a big contributing factor to people’s health and wellness. They can now even be relied on making the people beautiful, fit and attractive.

People can now rely on gadgets in their daily beauty routines besides the creams and lotions to achieve their desired results. High-tech choices have already proved their capabilities with regards to beauty making consumers want to buy them no matter the cost. Listed below are the next generation gadgets that will surely transform your beauty regimen.

  1. Supersonic hair dryer by Dyson

It took four years of testing and over a thousand miles of different real hairs for Dyson to finally come up with a hair dryer that has an intelligent heat control and ability to simultaneously dry, smooth and style your hair. The dyer protects the natural shine of the hair instead of damaging it from drying too fast because of its Air Multiplier technology and thermistor guards.

  1. Foreo Iris Massager 

Fine lines and under-eye dark circles are the number one concern of women 25 years old and above. Anything that will help with anti-ageing will be welcome with open arms by many. The nifty silicon gadget helps reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles and sink in the serum. The massager is designed to hug the delicate are around the eyes and has two massage modes to choose from.

  1. Stylepro brush cleaner

People are either too lazy or busy to clean their make-up brushes or don’t know when to clean them when there are supposedly cleaned every week. With these cleaner, users will now want to clean their own brushes. Simply add a brush cleaner or soap and water and let the spinning function of the cleaner rapidly clean your brush kit and dry them faster as well.