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Winged eyeliners are so popular you can see it everywhere and it never gets old no matter how many decades it has been since it became famous. Although it seemed effortless to put on, it is not. Actually, it is a pain to master. Many people have to practice it many times before they get the hand of it. It could be really rewarding if you could put on winged eyeliner effortlessly. It may seem that you could rock the world just with your perfectly winged eyeliner.

Luckily, there are products that are already introduced in the market to make winged eyeliner so much easier. Liquid eyeliner was commonly used in making this style but it is hard to handle and use because of its brush tip. Now there are gel eyeliners available for consumer’s convenience.  They are richly pigmented that dries into a longer lasting matte finish. It is easier to put on a perfect cat eye because of its creamy texture.

The procedure below will help you create that perfect winged eyeliner just like a pro. The one used in this tutorial is gel eyeliner:

Step 1

Begin with lining your upper lashes with the use of an angled eyeliner brush. Dip the brush into the eyeliner gel then draw a thin line at the base of the lashline.

Step 2

Next, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, draw a rather thicker line. It should start very thin at the inner corner then gets slightly thicker at you continue to draw to the outermost eyelash.

Step 3

Paint a thing wing pointing up and out from the outer part of the eye. The tip of the wing should angle up to the end of the eyebrow. Clean up mistakes and curve out a sharp and crisp flick using a pointed cotton swab.

If you are just a beginner, try mapping out you the cat eye using small dots then trace them with eyeliner.