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bette davis

First impressions definitely last. May it be a first date or a job interview, we all want to make a good and lasting first impression. While normally we do not want to appear ill prepared, we also do not want to look like we’re overdoing it. Countless articles have stressed the importance of wearing the appropriate clothes for every possible occasion. Wearing of makeup is actually one of these times.

This is normally not a problem when you are like most women who love makeup and grooming. What if you belong to the minority who do not even know the difference between a primer or a BB cream, much less know how to use them? If you’re clueless, you better believe in the saying that “less is always better”.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Ungroomed brows and barely there lashes are totally unheard of in present times.

Bette Davis was a legendary Hollywood icon famous for movies like All about Eve, Human Bondage and Jezebel. She was also famous for her blue eyes and thick curly lashes. There was even a hit song about “Bette Davis eyes”. Her secret? She wears brown mascara which enhances her famous baby blues.

If you want to be unforgettable on your first date or first job interview, you can always go for the Bette Davis look instead of spending countless hours or money doing your own makeup.

That’s the good thing about present day times. Everything is possible. Don’t know how to do your own makeup? It’s not a problem. You can always go to a salon and hire a hair and makeup artist. While you do look good once you have your makeup done, it’s a let down the next day coz you’re back to your usual self.

You can get eyebrow lifting for just $100. Temporary eyelashes or permanent eye lash extensions can be yours too. It’s never too late to try these beauty services and see for yourself the difference.