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Ok, let’s just face it. Life gets hectic, and we sometimes neglect the most important things when it comes to ourselves. Especially women, we tend to everyone else before taking care of ourselves. But we have to be sure we break these bad habits of beauty NOW!

Bad Beauty Habits to Quit

Bad Habits of Beauty #1: Dirty Makeup Brushes – You may think it’s no big deal if you’re just using your makeup brushes on your own face, but it is important to always keep your brushes clean. This is a bad beauty habit to quit ASAP. Keep your brushes in an airtight case, not sitting out with the elements of the air (dust) can settle on them. Clean your brushes with shampoo, wash, and dry them in a UV Sanitizer. Use Makeup Brush Cleaner in-between applications when you don’t have time to clean them but need to use the brush. Better yet, have extra brushes handy.

Bad Habits of Beauty #2: Sleeping In Your Makeup – We have long days, and we get into our home routine, and so when it’s all said and done, we just want to crash! So going to bed, while having our makeup on, can be an easy thing to do. But is it healthy? Absolutely not! Be sure to add this as one of the Bad Habits of Beauty to Quit by going directly to your restroom when you come home, and spend as much time cleansing and removing your makeup as you have applying your makeup. Use skin specific cleansers, moisturizers, and any products to correct current skin issues and prevent issues from occurring.

Bad Habits of Beauty #3: Skipping the UV Protection – Listen, I know some makeup brands tout their SPF 15 in their foundations, but we must not rely on our makeup companies to provide our sunscreen protection. The sun is the highest factor in aged skin, and quite frankly, if you are over a certain age, there is nothing that dictates you should like that way except the sun and your lifestyle! Age truly is nothing but a number. So of all the Bad Beauty Habits to quit, putting on sunscreen should be a must. Any areas that are exposed should have sunscreen. So face, ears, neck (front and back) and any other areas of the body that are exposed should be protected. But most importantly, sunscreen needs to be reapplied. Every 2-4 hours. Yes, it’s a lot, but your body is your most important commodity, let’s do our best to keep it protected.

I hope you found these tips useful. I really stress these with our beauty guests at Carolina Eye Candy in South Carolina. Most of our beauty guests are extremely busy, and taking the time out to get their eyelash extensions done, or their other beauty services we offer is a feat in itself. But care of self is of utmost importance, so these Bad Beauty Habits to Quit are in conjunction with Good Beauty Habits to continue, which is what we offer in our locations in Charleston, Columbia and Summerville.

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