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If you have done any of the below, we would like to help you on the track to better brows:

#1 – Trying to make “twins” out of “sisters” – Eyebrows are NOT identical, so try not to focus on making each hair extremely identical to match the other eyebrow. It just won’t work.

#2 – Making them too dark – Brows that are too dark can be harsh, and may also make you look mean. No one wants to look scary, do they?

#3 – Over-tweezing – Brows that are too thin can make you look like a totally different person, and the hairs are also there for protection, so we don’t want to take too much off.

#4 – Using the wrong brush for brow filler – A brush that is too large or awkward can make a mess out of your brows.

#5 – Creating an unflattering shape – Brows should be slightly square or slightly rounded at the inner point, and should be long enough to reach the end of your eye. Anything that looks like a comma or a tadpole is not very flattering.

#6 – Skipping blending – If you are using eyebrow pencils or powders, Kudos!  But remember, these products are still makeup, and just like any other makeup product, it is important to blend, blend, blend.

#7 – Skipping the brow gel – Brow gel is like hairspray; it holds the hairs in place.  This step is important to follow up with after you have filled and blended the brow fillers.

#8 – Arch in the wrong spot – Having an arch in the wrong spot can make you look angry or confused.

#9 – Tweezing brow hairs in front of a magnifying mirror – Magnifying mirrors are cool, but if you are tweezing the day away, you may tweeze some hairs that should stay, or are meant to keep the brows as full as possible.

#10 – Eyebrow gap – Taking too many hairs away from the middle will leave you with a bigger space than should be there.

#11 – Using an eyebrow stencil to shape your own brows – Eyebrow stencils come in different shapes, sizes and styles, but honestly using these yourself can leave you with an eyebrow shape that doesn’t suit your face.

For best results, we recommend you see your licensed beauty professional to have your eyebrows shaped and styled.  At Carolina Eye Candy, we pride ourselves in doing great brows and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust when it comes to your eyebrows.  Leave them in the good hands of someone who avoids making these common eyebrow mistakes.  Your face will thank you ; )

Beauty & Blessings,

Elizabeth Jennings



Licensed Esthetician. Master Lash Artist. Healthy Skin Evangelist. Go-to Authority on Eyelash Enhancements and Education in South Carolina. To book a VIP service visit