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I have done this in the past, and I am sure you have a time or two.  Purchase products with the intent on using them on a regular basis, and they get lost under the bathroom sink, in our bathroom vanities, in an old handbag, etc.  This is such a problem that we tend to have old products piled up with our new products.  But did you know that most beauty products have an expiration date?  Some products do have the date expressly written, and some do not.  So for those products that you may not be sure about, check out this article and get rid of those old products, STAT!




To eliminate this problem, using skincare products that are  packed with active ingredients and less fillers (like most professional products recommended by a licensed beauty therapist) and great makeup products will save you money in the long run.  Yes, that bottle of Cetaphil may only be $3, but does it truly have the necessary active ingredients in large supply to eliminate your issues?  Professional skincare products may cost more initially and the sizes may be smaller, but when you breakdown the cost to make the products and the active ingredients the prices are somewhat similar.  We at Carolina Eye Candy can help you with a skincare consultation and makeup consultation to recommend good products that will address your concerns and will have results.