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Applying eye makeup looks like a very easy task – until you have to do it. There are hundreds of shades available that it’s very hard to just choose one. Should you go for glittery? Matte? Nude? Smoky? Do you need all ten eye makeup brushes that they’re selling on Sephora? How do you apply eye makeup without looking like a panda? Wouldn’t you like a crash-course on applying makeup for beginners?

I bet these are just a few of the questions that you want to ask. We can’t go through everything at once, but I’d like to give you the basics when applying eye makeup. This is a quick guide to applying eye makeup so the next time that you have to do it, you don’t get overwhelmed.

Have the right tools.

I remember when I was younger I used to just use my fingers to apply eye makeup. Word of advice – don’t. You don’t need to get every eye makeup brush that’s available for sale, but it is important that you invest in a few good brushes.

Start by applying base eyeshadow.

Now that you have your makeup brush, it’s time to start painting your eyes. Make sure you select a good base shade (nothing to dark or glittery) and apply it to your lid all the way to your brow bone. If you want a more natural look for daytime, stop at the crease of your eye.

Apply darker shadow along the crease.

After applying the base color, select a darker shade and apply it along the crease of your eyes. When done correctly this will make your eyes pop. Pro tip: Apply eye makeup with your eyes open. It can be hard to find your eye’s natural crease if your eyes are closed.

Apply eyeliner along the lash line

Apply eyeliner along your lash line to make your lashes look thicker. If you already have eyelash extensions and don’t want to use eyeliner, you can opt to use a dark shade of eye makeup and use that along your lash line instead.

Don’t forget to highlight

Select a light, shimmery shade of eye shadow or eye pencil and apply it under your brows and to the inner corner of your eyes. If you’re a fan of glittery shades, you can apply it if you’re attending an event, but avoid using glittery shades during daytime.

Apply Mascara

You’re almost done. You just need to put one thing more. Don’t forget to put on mascara to complete the look. Just a few swipes and off you go, ready to conquer the world.