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Aging Skin

There are some habits that may feel comfortable, we may have been doing from the time we were a child, and may not have seemed to have much of an effect.  But as we get older, some habits need to be broken for the sake of our skin and looking our refreshed best.  Check them out:

Habits That Cause Premature Aging

*Being Too Thin – Not having enough fat can cause sunken, sallow skin and a plump appearance is more youthful

*Rubbing Your Eyes – This delicate skin is prone to darkness and fine lines.  Pulling and tugging can cause darkness and wrinkles

*Not Getting Enough Sleep – Our cells renew at night when we sleep

*Side Sleeping – Pressing your face into the pillow can break down the skin cells and cause premature wrinkling

*Straw Drinking – Causes fine lines around the mouth

*Not Using Eye Creams and Retinols at night – Incorporating these products to stay on the skin overnight assists the cell turnover

*Stress – Stress ages, plain and simple; the stress hormone cortisol breaks down collagen, which is what keeps the skin plump and taught

*Not Using Sunscreen – Sunscreen should be used daily and re-applied no matter the ethnicity, and not just an addition in your makeup

*Not Treating Skin Discoloration – Do not only focus on wrinkling, as hyperpigmentation can add years to your appearance as well. Exfoliate!

*Neglecting Hands & Neck – As you apply your anti-aging creams and sunscreen to face, incorporate neck and hands & chest

*Leaving Sunglasses at home – Squinting can lead to long term lines in your face and sun damage can lead to wrinkling to delicate eye area

*Using regular soap to cleanse – Your face should have a special cleanser specific to your skin type and not body soap as it tends to strip


Try to avoid the above and practice better habits one day at a time to keep your youthful glow as long as possible!  Defy the ages: Be Age Smart!


Peace & Blessings,

Elizabeth Jennings, Owner/Licensed Esthetician/Master Lash Artist

Carolina Eye Candy, LLC