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Have you ever wondered how much the fashion industry loves color? The answer would be a lot. The fall 2017 would be the proof. The runways are full of bright and bold colors ranging from bright reds to the rich palette of purple and green. This only tells that this is the time for welcoming uplifting news as well as celebrating individuality.

The jewelry world is also affected by the sartorial optimism of the movement. Young women now increasingly prefer rainbow-bright pieces more than the muted ones. Particularly are the millenials who search for statement-making gems that doesn’t look traditional and has an edge, and most importantly, cheap and affordable.

In Detail’s founder and jewelry expert Beanie Major states that choosing and wearing jewelry is all about expressing oneself. People look for pieces that are unique and make them stand out. They also want something that reflects their individual personality and style without spending too much money. Colored gemstones are the ones most suited to fit all their requirements.

A woman can add sparkles to her earlobes every day or they can choose to wear statement necklaces especially for special and glamorous occasions. The best way to wear these jewelry pieces is to not overload them and have one that will stand out and represent your look.

The following are the seven jewelry pieces that could be tried on with color:

  1. The Pendant Necklace

This jewelry stands out when paired with a little black dress or classic white t-shirt. Everything in between can work too if properly paired and worn

  1. The ‘It’ Ring

For an extra texture and interest, opt for pave stones in one color.

      3. The Everyday Bracelet

Choose for a delicate and personal piece to elevate your everyday look. Look for a piece with just the right number of blings. You can wear it alone or wear it with other essential pieces

     4. The Party Piece

A bunch of rubies around the neck or a bold bracelet is a big hit when going to parties.

    5. The Statement Earrings

If you are going in an event, invest in a pair of bold earrings, and go for a minimal make-up. Most importantly, wear yourself with attitude.

  1. The Forever Piece

Chokers’ striking beauty can last a lifetime. You may keep one for those very special occasions.

  1. The Reworked Classic

The classic pieces like diamonds and emeralds will not lose its charm for a lifetime. To adjust for the changing times in fashion, the pieces can be reworked.