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For years, the lash addiction has grown with many women with the increased view of lashes on tv celebrities and reality stars! As most women at Carolina Eye Candy have started out conservative with the number of lashes applied to each eye, most have increasingly asked the age old question in our lash world “Can you make them fuller?” For our semi-permanent lash guests, an individual extension is applied to one individual lash. If the number of natural lashes that are one each eye limits the number of individual extensions that can be applied, then that answer was “I’m sorry, we have you as full as you can get at this point.” Well, not anymore! With 2D-6D Volume Lash extensions, we are able to apply more lashes to an individual lash due to the diameter of the extensions that are used in this technique. Find out more at and click the link for 2D-6D Volume Lashes! Schedule your appointment online for an eyelash consultation today! We have two locations to serve you in Charleston and Summerville South Carolina.

(4D Volume Lashes pictured above)