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It’s 2019, the year of the best and the most outrageous eyelash trends.  Here’s a list of the latest eyelash trends – ranging from subtle trends to the absolutely fabulous!

Permed eyelashes

Long, curly lashes have always been considered attractive.  That’s why the eyelash curler was invented in the first place. Now, you can even have your lashes permed so it’s permanently curled. It’s important that the procedure is done by a professional because the chemical solution used to perm your lashes can cause irritation if handled improperly.

Hybrid eyelashes

Hybrid lashes are, as the name suggests, a mix between false and real lashes. False eyelashes or eyelash extensions are individually applied between natural lashes, giving it an extra volume. It’s more natural – looking, and when done by a professional, most people would not be able to guess that you have eyelash extensions.

Feathered Lashes

Who says that feathers are only for birds? There’s a new trend where feathers are artfully added to the top or the bottom lashes (or both). This outlandish trend is certainly not suitable for regular, everyday outing, but is a great look if you’re attending events like the Met Gala.

Fiber Mascara

Another big trend that’s here to stay is the Fiber Mascara, or as some people calls it, 3D mascara. Fiber mascara has synthetic fibers, and when you apply it – these synthetic fibers are attached to your lash tips. The result is similar to having eyelash extensions, but these cost less and can be applied in a jiffy. You can wash it off at the end of the day.

Rainbow Eyelashes

The eyelashes did not escape the rainbow trend. As the name suggests, the eyelashes are colored brightly, or in most cases, brightly colored extensions in rainbow colors are added to the lashes. These will give your look a vibrant touch. A perfect pick-me-up if you’re feeling glum.

Doll Lashes

The Seventies look is back with these long fringed lashes. Long eyelash extensions are added to the top AND bottom lashes, giving you a timeless, elegant look.

Jeweled Lashes

Some people like bling so much that they found a way to incorporate it to their lashes. These sparkly, glittery rhinestones are arranged and glued carefully to the lashes. They’re very small and lightweight and should stay on for the entire event. But they need to be removed carefully. And you better not rub your eyes when they’re on, otherwise it could end up very badly for you.