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Everyone wants beautiful, clear skin. As we get older it becomes harder for us to achieve this. Aside from dirt, dust and stress, we sometimes have habits that are unknowingly contributing to skin damage.

  1. Over-scrubbing. We think that by scrubbing our faces clean everyday (sometimes multiple times a day) we are taking care of our skin. If we are overzealous in our scrubbing, we also scrub off the skin barrier that keeps skin irritants out and keeps nutrients and hydration in.
  2. Popping pimples. We sometimes can’t resist when we see a big red pimple on our face. But it is best to let the professionals do it. If done incorrectly, it could leave you with an unsightly scar.
  3. Using dirty brushes. How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Dirty brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. And when used on your face, it may cause irritation.
  4. Hot showers. Hot showers are relaxing, especially after an exhausting day. But hot showers can strip off the skin of its natural oil, leaving your skin dry and prone to irritation.
  5. Not enough sleep. The person who coined the term “beauty sleep” was on point. When you sleep, the body boosts blood flow to the skin. If you are sleep-deprived, your skin does not get enough oxygen, making your skin look dull and lifeless.
  6. Drinking too much alcohol. Yes we have heard how a glass of wine makes your skin glow, but imbibing too much dehydrates and deprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients.
  7. Sleeping with makeup on. Sometimes we are too tired at the end of the day that we just want to sleep as soon as we get home. This is a mistake, as your pores will clog due to the makeup residue. This can lead to inflammation and infection. Take a few minutes to remove your makeup and properly cleanse your skin before you snooze.
  8. Leaving the hair loose when sleeping. You hair accumulates dirt and dust and becomes greasy at day end. When it is rubbed on your skin during sleep, all these dirt gets transferred to your skin and may cause irritation.
  9. Not using sunblock. Sunscreens protect your skin by either absorbing the UV rays or deflecting it away from the body. If you don’t use sunscreen all that harmful UV rays get absorbed by the skin, so make sure you have SPF15 or higher UVB protection when you go out.
  10. Not checking the ingredients. Not all beauty products available on the market are actually helpful. Check the ingredients to make sure that there are no toxic or harmful chemicals, like phthalates included in the product.